Senioritis Hitting Hard

UC Berkeley!

UC Berkeley!

I am suffering from a pretty bad case of senioritis right now. I remember back in sophomore and junior year, thinking that senioritis was just a dumb thing. After all, how could you just suddenly become lazy your senior year? How could you work continuously hard for 3 years just to have no motivation to finish the last year strong?

Boy, was I wrong.

My symptoms first began to show shortly after submitting all of my college applications. This was around late November/ early December. I recalled, thinking: What was the point in trying so hard if I didn’t need to?

After all, I just needed a 3.0 unweighted GPA (Some colleges ask for a weighted 3.0 GPA but it was better to be safe than sorry!) and that was definitely attainable without putting forth an excruciating amount of work and effort. A 3.0 unweighted GPA was merely all Bs in my classes.

I went to class mindlessly and did all of my homework just to get it done with. I never enjoyed homework and with a lack of motivation, I found it even harder to make myself do it. Regardless, I have not missed a homework assignment yet.

This is how I feel about school right now.

This is how I feel about school right now.

Once college decisions were released throughout the month of March, my “illness” took a turn for the worse. I became distraught at the idea of waking up early for school and hated school. I hated the school bells, ringing so often and disrupting my semi-sleep. I hated how I had homework. I hated going to school to do tasks. I just wanted summer to begin and to have high school over with! I yearned for graduation, where I would be adorned with multiple graduation attire and decorations.

However, even though I’m still afflicted with senioritis, I do try to cherish each remaining day of high school. I realize there will probably never be another time where all of my classmates and friends will be together like this in the future. We are all going to different colleges, scattered around the state and even dispersed nation-wide. Each of us will be studying and working hard and trying to achieve our maximum potential. Though there will be Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, and whatever other socializing app there is, it won’t really be the same.



But I will say I’m still super super excited for graduation. I feel like graduation is where all of your efforts and hard work is shown. It’s where you truly end your high school career and begin the next phase in life: college. Graduation is where you’ll be letting go of the past and reaching out to the future. (Literally.. Because you’ll be tossing up your high school graduation cap!)

So in conclusion, while I am still battling senioritis, I’ll definitely try to enjoy and appreciate my numbered days as a high schooler.


Realization and Regrets

really regreted going on the silver bullet ride at Knotss Berry Farm...

really regreted going on the silver bullet ride at Knotss Berry Farm…

Have you ever suddenly realized something out of the blue? Maybe you suddenly realized that the guy drinking coffee next to you was your childhood friend or that you have actually been a horrible sister for never trying to understand the other party. All of these sudden realizations always stir up regrets in my opinion. We suddenly realize something and then we start to think about what we could have or should have done. If only we realized something sooner. Maybe we could have changed the present by acting differently in the past.
Regrets will always happen. As human beings, we will never be able to make the right choices ALL THE TIME. That is impossible in so many ways. However, instead of letting these regrets ruin our lives…let’s realize something and make the future brighter.

When time is about to run out…what do you do?

photo taken during a family vacation  and edited by me.

photo taken during a family vacation and edited by me.

When life gives you lemons…you make lemonade. When life gives you a limited amount of time…what do you do?
A person can only live for so long; life can only last for so long. With these limited years that we have, how should we spend them?
The answer to that question is different for every person. Adventurous individuals may say that we should spend our lives expanding our horizons and traveling the world. Gaming addicts may say we should spend our lives behind the computer screen. Family oriented individuals may say we should spend our lives bonding and creating lasting memories with our families.
The answer to that question however does not even matter. The important thing here is that we spend every day, every hour, and every moment doing something worthwhile; something we love, something that will have an impact on others.
Recently I watched a sports documentary that featured the deceased famous basketball player Hank Gathers. Hank Gathers lived his life playing basketball; it was something that was very special and important to him. He played basketball until the moment he died. Even when his doctors told him he should rest and take medicine, he refused and kept on playing ball. During one of his basketball tournaments, he died on the court after finishing his slam dunk. Now…why am I telling you this? Hank Gathers may have lived a fairly short life, but he spent it doing something he absolutely loved. Everyday of his life was filled with passion and hard work. Everyday meant something to him, everyday was important.
I’m not a firm believer in the concept of a bucket list. To me a bucket list screams, “Hey! Life is gonna end soon so you better get all of these things done!” Why do we have to be reminded that the clock is constantly ticking and that we need to do something about it. Why not just have a good time and not even notice that the clock is ticking. When you are living your life to the fullest, you are not going to even notice that you only have another day to do something. You are going to notice that you have one extra day to do something.
So what is my main point that I am trying to state? Get off that couch and turn off that movie! Go do something that will be worthwhile! Spend time with your family and friends, pursue your life long dreams, go meet new people. Life is too short to be spent watching a two our and thirty minute film meant to just kill time. We don’t want to kill time here folks, we want to treasure it and spend every moment of it meaningfully. The end of today will not signal the disappearance of another day in our life but the start of a new day that we have.
Well, at least that’s how I see it.