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…and then we stare into space not knowing what to do next

I recently received the novel, “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley in my English class. Even though the only thing I know about “Frankenstein” is the creature/monster itself, I am really excited about reading this novel. My teacher made a comment in class about how we as humans create things with good intentions but these things end up spurring disaster.
This got me thinking…have I ever done something like that?
I think all of us has once in our lifetimes done or created something with good intentions but it ended up as the total opposite of our expectations.
I am not perfect. There are times where I argue and talk back to my friends, family, and especially my parents. As a growing adult, I feel as though I need to stand up for my own beliefs, even if they do not correspond with the opinions of my parents. However, because I constantly argue with my parents, I have become an example of disobedience for my sister. Now that she is getting older in age, she is now arguing with me and talking back to me a lot. I have created my own “monster”. As her sister, I want her to grow up with great manners and to obey her elders and be respectful. My own actions have influenced her to be…well just like me sometimes. If only I had thought about what the consequences of my actions would be; I could have stopped my “monster” from being created.

Here is a song titled, “Monster” by the boyband Bigbang.  I just wanted to throw this in here…



In class recently, we were given out copies of Frankenstein. We would have to read up to chapter four by the time we come back to school after break. I’m excited to read Frankenstein, because I’ve heard of the story and main plot for a while now. It has influenced many other pieces and is still evident today, no doubt. In Once Upon a Time, for example, one episode demonstrated Frankenstein and their own twist to the story. Continue reading

Do It Yourself

A phrase often muttered by my siblings and myself is “Do it yourself”, usually with a bitter and annoyed tone.

Now, this phrase won’t be said with annoyance but with an excitement and maybe sometimes, a little weariness. For one of my Innovation projects, my friends and I are creating a blog that will have DIY toy tutorials, as well as arts and crafts things. Our goal is to cater the projects to kids between the ages of 6 to 12 years old. Continue reading