Would you say yes?

*Photo taken from google

*Photo taken from google

“Let’s say our country was at war. Most of your friends and family members have been killed. The government needs to put cameras in your house to track down the spies of the enemy. Would you say yes?” Well…would you?
I immediately replied,”NOOOOOOO”. If it is for the safety of everyone in the country, I would not mind having sugar and coffee rationed or having my phone calls be discretely listened too. However, I draw the line at having cameras put in to my home. THERE IS NO WAY THAT IS HAPPENING. Privacy is one of the most essential things a human being needs. We all need privacy and we have certain things we do not want anyone to know about or see us do. That is a fact. Having cameras installed into your house is like having someone following your every move during every moment. You are basically living the lives of the citizens in the novel, “1984” written by George Orwell. Let me tell you… it is one heck of a lifestyle.


Realization and Regrets

really regreted going on the silver bullet ride at Knotss Berry Farm...

really regreted going on the silver bullet ride at Knotss Berry Farm…

Have you ever suddenly realized something out of the blue? Maybe you suddenly realized that the guy drinking coffee next to you was your childhood friend or that you have actually been a horrible sister for never trying to understand the other party. All of these sudden realizations always stir up regrets in my opinion. We suddenly realize something and then we start to think about what we could have or should have done. If only we realized something sooner. Maybe we could have changed the present by acting differently in the past.
Regrets will always happen. As human beings, we will never be able to make the right choices ALL THE TIME. That is impossible in so many ways. However, instead of letting these regrets ruin our lives…let’s realize something and make the future brighter.


Everyone stop what you are doing right now and go hug your father, your mother, your sibling, your friend, or your lover. Stop and go share this moment with someone you treasure. Life is too short. Life is too short to be waisted holding grudges, creating enemies, spreading hatred, and creating jealousy. Remember the little things that make you happy. Always be thankful and don’t let regrets haunt you…
This post is dedicated to the former FVHS student Sean Severson who died earlier today. Please rest in peace Sean. Your life was unfairly taken away from you way too soon. You were only 15. Nothing can describe the pain your family and you must have gone through and are still experiencing. You are in a better place now and prayers will be sent to you and your family. R.i.P Sean Severson.
*This following Monday, the 24th, will be dedicated to Sean. Anyone who would like to do so in memory of Sean can wear black.

This Is The Time

best friends
When I first started out my senior year in high school earlier this year, the realization that I am graduating and leaving high school for good did not hit me at all. Recently, I’ve suddenly realized that the time to part ways is almost here.
My school has been hosting a bunch of events and me and my friends have been trying to attend ALL OF THEM. Why? We constantly say that since it’s our senior in high school, we should go to every event in order to fully enjoy our last year in the school. More importantly however, it’s also our last year together.
My best friends have gotten many college acceptances and I am very proud of them. To be honest though I also become a little sad each time they tell me they got accepted into another school. You might be thinking, “OMG THAT’S SO MESSED UP WHAT KIND OF A FRIEND ARE YOU?” PLEASE CALM YOURSELF. I become a little sad because all the schools they apply to are so far away from where I want to go to school…
Some may say that I am being a little “clingy” but I don’t care. They are my best friends in the whole world and I really can’t accept the fact that in less than two months we will barely ever see each other. We will all go our separate ways and pursue our own goals. The truth really does hurt.
So this is the time to make the best out of everything that is left. This is the time to go to school events and hang out with each other and savor every moment we have until we all go our separate ways. This is the time.


photo taken from google and edited by me.

photo taken from google and edited by me.

It hurts. A lot. I have never truly experienced rejection. Actually, I don’t think I even knew what rejection was until now. Literally a couple of minutes ago I experienced my first rejection from something: a rejection letter from one of the universities I applied too. I was leisurely checking my emails and saw that I had received an email from the university. I opened the email, read it, and instantly a feeling of disappointment and utter sadness flowed through me. I was disappointed in myself and I even became a little angry at the university. “How can they not accept me? Why?!”
Then I began to think about my parents. “How am I supposed to tell them that I was rejected from a school…”
A sat by myself in my room for a while staring at the rejection email. I tried thinking of positive thoughts to brighten up my mood. (I was studying for a test and I needed to cheer up to resume my studying too.)
Finally I realized something.
So what? Yeah…I was rejected from a school. Did anything else happen? I’m sure the sky did not fall down and that I am still going to end up with a stable job in the future and have a some-what successful career. I may be disappointed now but I am sure that a couple of months from now I am not even going to care about the rejection.
Rejection does not equal shame. There is no reason for me to feel disappointed in myself or ashamed of not being accepted to a school. I myself know that I am capable of many things and that a rejection letter does not mean that I am incapable or “not as good as other people”.
Rejection hurts…but it is a good experience. It is a taste of life.
I recently watched a video in class about happiness and how one finds happiness. Here is a hint of where happiness comes from… It does not come from simply being admitted to a certain school. Happiness is everywhere, it can even be found in a rejection email. This rejection made me cherish my acceptance to another school even more and it made me thankful for having friends and family members who can comfort me during my times of despair.

We all have someone…

A great way to celebrate Valentines Day is spending the day with great friends.

A great way to celebrate Valentines Day is spending the day with great friends.

As we all know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow Feb. 14th, 2014! For some this day is a day filled with love and romantic get togethers but for others its just S.A.D. Yes. Sad. Single Awareness Day. The day where all singles get a little reminder that they are…well still single.
However, S.A.D. is more of a friendly joke than a real holiday. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, it’s for everyone who has someone special in their heart. I celebrate Valentine’s Day by expressing my love towards my family and close friends. In fact, that’s how a lot of people celebrate Valentine’s Day. The romantic dinner in a 5-star restaurant with a view of the ocean should not come to mind when one thinks of Valentines Day. Valentine’s Day is more an appreciation day for the ones you love. It doesn’t even have to be love! So for everyone out their complaining that it is S.A.D., remember that its Valentine’s Day. A day in which anyone can take part in.
I was looking for ways to decorate my house to welcome the holiday and I saw this cool project online!


Have you ever…

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Have you ever wanted or do want something so badly that you put everything else in your life on pause to pursue it? Perhaps you wanted to make your dream of becoming a singer, a dancer, a doctor, or a significant figure in the sciences come true. How badly do you want it? Is it worth pouring your heart and soul into?

I was watching a video online and it showed the performance of a music group performing their last stage. This music group was competing against another music group for an official debut under a famous music agency. Throughout the competition series, these two groups became as close as brothers. This video just showed how much the music group wanted to win and make their dreams of becoming singers come true. THe emotion and passion that they put into their stage blew me away. I have to admit that I shed some tears watching this video. You can see the pain that both groups felt because if one group wins that means the other group must leave.
After watching this video I thought to myself, “Do I want something as badly as they want their dreams to come true?”
Do I want something as badly as how Victor wanted to create a human being?