Would you say yes?

*Photo taken from google

*Photo taken from google

“Let’s say our country was at war. Most of your friends and family members have been killed. The government needs to put cameras in your house to track down the spies of the enemy. Would you say yes?” Well…would you?
I immediately replied,”NOOOOOOO”. If it is for the safety of everyone in the country, I would not mind having sugar and coffee rationed or having my phone calls be discretely listened too. However, I draw the line at having cameras put in to my home. THERE IS NO WAY THAT IS HAPPENING. Privacy is one of the most essential things a human being needs. We all need privacy and we have certain things we do not want anyone to know about or see us do. That is a fact. Having cameras installed into your house is like having someone following your every move during every moment. You are basically living the lives of the citizens in the novel, “1984” written by George Orwell. Let me tell you… it is one heck of a lifestyle.


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