The Roller Coaster of the College Process

Recently in class, we were watching the movie “Three O Clock High”.

Here is a brief summary of what happens during the movie from IMDb:

A high school nerd, Jerry Mitchell (Siemaszko) is assigned to write a piece for the school paper about new boy Buddy Revell (Tyson), who is rumored to be a psychopathic nutcase. When Jerry accidentally touches Buddy, he says that they must fight in the parking lot at 3pm. Jerry will just about do anything to avoid the confrontation.

Throughout the movie, there are dramatic scenes and the suspense keeps building until the fight, where something unexpected happens– just like a roller coaster!

Jerry has various tactics done in an effort to avoid the fight. For example, he pays an upperclassmen to beat up Buddy for him. The upperclassmen agrees but when he confronts Buddy about the situation, Buddy easily beats him up, leaving him with a bloodied face, as well as leaving the library in a terrible mess.  Jerry also tries to drive away from school but his car fails to work, because Buddy cut the wires. Ultimately, the only way to get over the emotions from anticipating the fight is to just endure and get it over with.

Throughout the film, my emotions were all over the place. And this reminded me about the college process (Sorry! Yet another post about college.) and roller coasters! Applications generally start in the summer/fall seasons and wrap up by late fall. Then after you press the ‘Submit’ button, it’s just a waiting game. For months.

Most college decisions come out in March or April and as these months began approaching, my emotions were at an all-time high. I became stressed and frustrated. I checked my portals frequently– every time I was on the computer (which, trust me, is often). I hate not knowing and I hate suspense. In fact, after the first day of watching ‘Three O Clock High” (We spent two days watching it and still have not finished it yet in class!), I googled the movie online and found out what happens. I actually do this a lot– googling what happens in a movie– because I hate the suspense. I don’t mind that I know the results and it doesn’t hamper my enjoyment of the movie too much anyway.

Now if only I could google if I’ve been accepted or rejected to a college….

It would allow me to either celebrate or eat my emotions out and let me move on with my life.


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