Happiness and College Decisions

“Keep in mind how this will tie in with your college decisions coming next month.” And with that, our class watched this video entitled “The Surprising Science of Happiness”  by Dan Gilbert.

Dan Gilbert talks about happiness, his research, and his results. I found it really interesting that the happiness levels one year after someone has won the lottery or became a paraplegic were the same.

How can that be?! Is that a mistake? No, it’s not. People in both cases  adjust to their situations. Dan Gilbert talks about the “Impact Bias“, which is the tendency to overestimate the hedonic impact of future events. Basically, we get over it.

I enjoyed watching the Ted Talk, especially after realizing how useful it will be for me in the upcoming weeks. College decisions are approaching in March and although I have colleges that I would love to be accepted to, the reality is that regardless of where I go, I can still be happy. My happiness is not dependent on what college I end up going to. Just because I get rejected to one college (or more…) does not mean my success at life is dampened or lowered. Ultimately, it is what I do during college (any college!) that truly matters.


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