We all have someone…

A great way to celebrate Valentines Day is spending the day with great friends.

A great way to celebrate Valentines Day is spending the day with great friends.

As we all know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow Feb. 14th, 2014! For some this day is a day filled with love and romantic get togethers but for others its just S.A.D. Yes. Sad. Single Awareness Day. The day where all singles get a little reminder that they are…well still single.
However, S.A.D. is more of a friendly joke than a real holiday. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, it’s for everyone who has someone special in their heart. I celebrate Valentine’s Day by expressing my love towards my family and close friends. In fact, that’s how a lot of people celebrate Valentine’s Day. The romantic dinner in a 5-star restaurant with a view of the ocean should not come to mind when one thinks of Valentines Day. Valentine’s Day is more an appreciation day for the ones you love. It doesn’t even have to be love! So for everyone out their complaining that it is S.A.D., remember that its Valentine’s Day. A day in which anyone can take part in.
I was looking for ways to decorate my house to welcome the holiday and I saw this cool project online!



2 thoughts on “We all have someone…

  1. Yes! Honestly Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad. It had even originated as an appreciation-type day for an extremely courageous martyr way back when. The media just hypes it up to be this whole big “day for couples” when really, whether you have a significant other or not, the day can still be celebrated just the same.

    Valentine’s Day has a horrible rep and it’s just a shame that so many bitter, “S.A.D” people misinterpret it. I recommend this brief but super informative (not to mention interesting) 3-minute video on the history of Valentine’s Day! It’s pretty cool (:


    Awesome post Vananh ❤

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