Happiness and College Decisions

“Keep in mind how this will tie in with your college decisions coming next month.” And with that, our class watched this video entitled “The Surprising Science of Happiness”  by Dan Gilbert.

Dan Gilbert talks about happiness, his research, and his results. I found it really interesting that the happiness levels one year after someone has won the lottery or became a paraplegic were the same.

How can that be?! Is that a mistake? No, it’s not. People in both cases  adjust to their situations. Dan Gilbert talks about the “Impact Bias“, which is the tendency to overestimate the hedonic impact of future events. Basically, we get over it.

I enjoyed watching the Ted Talk, especially after realizing how useful it will be for me in the upcoming weeks. College decisions are approaching in March and although I have colleges that I would love to be accepted to, the reality is that regardless of where I go, I can still be happy. My happiness is not dependent on what college I end up going to. Just because I get rejected to one college (or more…) does not mean my success at life is dampened or lowered. Ultimately, it is what I do during college (any college!) that truly matters.



photo taken from google and edited by me.

photo taken from google and edited by me.

It hurts. A lot. I have never truly experienced rejection. Actually, I don’t think I even knew what rejection was until now. Literally a couple of minutes ago I experienced my first rejection from something: a rejection letter from one of the universities I applied too. I was leisurely checking my emails and saw that I had received an email from the university. I opened the email, read it, and instantly a feeling of disappointment and utter sadness flowed through me. I was disappointed in myself and I even became a little angry at the university. “How can they not accept me? Why?!”
Then I began to think about my parents. “How am I supposed to tell them that I was rejected from a school…”
A sat by myself in my room for a while staring at the rejection email. I tried thinking of positive thoughts to brighten up my mood. (I was studying for a test and I needed to cheer up to resume my studying too.)
Finally I realized something.
So what? Yeah…I was rejected from a school. Did anything else happen? I’m sure the sky did not fall down and that I am still going to end up with a stable job in the future and have a some-what successful career. I may be disappointed now but I am sure that a couple of months from now I am not even going to care about the rejection.
Rejection does not equal shame. There is no reason for me to feel disappointed in myself or ashamed of not being accepted to a school. I myself know that I am capable of many things and that a rejection letter does not mean that I am incapable or “not as good as other people”.
Rejection hurts…but it is a good experience. It is a taste of life.
I recently watched a video in class about happiness and how one finds happiness. Here is a hint of where happiness comes from… It does not come from simply being admitted to a certain school. Happiness is everywhere, it can even be found in a rejection email. This rejection made me cherish my acceptance to another school even more and it made me thankful for having friends and family members who can comfort me during my times of despair.

Just Started Reading “Heart of Darkness”

I have recently started reading the novel Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. My teacher stated in class that it was less than 100 pages, so I instantly thought it would be an easy read. I was wrong.

I’m only on chapter one right now and it took me awhile to understand what was going on. And to be honest, I’m not quite sure I understand it, even after reading many summaries online. I definitely don’t enjoy the novel so far, and I find reading it a pain. It is difficult trying to understand what is happening and this just gets me frustrated. I wish I had started reading it earlier on in my 3-day weekend, because feeling rushed and frustrated is not a good combination. Continue reading

We all have someone…

A great way to celebrate Valentines Day is spending the day with great friends.

A great way to celebrate Valentines Day is spending the day with great friends.

As we all know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow Feb. 14th, 2014! For some this day is a day filled with love and romantic get togethers but for others its just S.A.D. Yes. Sad. Single Awareness Day. The day where all singles get a little reminder that they are…well still single.
However, S.A.D. is more of a friendly joke than a real holiday. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, it’s for everyone who has someone special in their heart. I celebrate Valentine’s Day by expressing my love towards my family and close friends. In fact, that’s how a lot of people celebrate Valentine’s Day. The romantic dinner in a 5-star restaurant with a view of the ocean should not come to mind when one thinks of Valentines Day. Valentine’s Day is more an appreciation day for the ones you love. It doesn’t even have to be love! So for everyone out their complaining that it is S.A.D., remember that its Valentine’s Day. A day in which anyone can take part in.
I was looking for ways to decorate my house to welcome the holiday and I saw this cool project online!


Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day, aka SAD, is arriving soon, on the 14th. You might know SAD as “Valentine’s Day” if you have a significant other.

In class, my teacher gave a presentation about Valentine’s Day and the different types of gifts you could give your significant other. He mentioned that an experience is a better gift because it is more memorable. Then he talked about his wife and told us cutesy stories.

As a single person, I don’t really mind Valentine’s Day. No, really, I don’t. It’s a sweet, usually sappy day where couples hang out together to celebrate their love for each other. It’s usually filled with the 3 C’s: Chocolate, Cards, and Compliments.

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Harry and Hermione? What?!

Recently, JK Rowling has stated in an interview that she should’ve paired Hermione with Harry, instead of Ron.

Rowling is an artist and artists have the right to change their minds about their work. They’re like perfectionists and upon reflecting on their work, they’re like “Oh I could’ve done this” or “I shouldn’t have done that”.  Even though this is a bombshell, I am not too upset and bewildered about it. Why? Because the books have already been written, the movies already released, and Rowling is entitled to state her opinion. As gracious and polite as I may sound right now though, I still want to defend why Romione works, at least in my opinion. Continue reading