I have finished reading Frankenstein! Overall, I enjoyed the read and was pleasantly surprised that the novel wasn’t a chore to read. What bothered me was the weird situation between Frankenstein and the Creature. The Creature wanted a mate, a female companion, but Frankenstein did not want to build one. He feared that both of the monsters would reek destruction on humankind, and even though the Creature promised Frankenstein that he would make his mate stay away from humans, Frankenstein was still hesitant. The Creature reasoned that no one wanted him; humans fled with fear and even his own creator did not want him. Frankenstein would later start making the female version but when he was about halfway done, he wrecked it when he saw the Creature grinning. After this incident, the Creature began his cruel revenge– killing all who were dear to Frankenstein, including Elizabeth and Henry.

Once Elizabeth and his father passed away, Frankenstein then dedicated his life to killing the Creature he brought to life. What I found ironic was that once Frankenstein died, the Creature sobbed and was remorseful. The Creature then decided to end his life. It seemed like the Creature just wanted to torment Frankenstein and once Frankenstein died, the Creature had no purpose.

What if Frankenstein had died earlier on? Would the Creature have killed himself, or would he have continued to reeked havoc?


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