Back from Break

After taking a break, my brain and I are now back in session.

In happier news, I began reading Frankenstein a few days ago and so far, I enjoy the novel. I am maybe halfway done with the novel. The beginning letters were a little dull and I found myself skimming the lines so that I would be able to get to the ‘meat’ of the book faster. At this point of my reading, I don’t really see the point in having the letters. I would have rather have the novel start off without the letters. In addition, I found it strange that Frankenstein built the creature, only to shun it away. I suppose it was very ugly or that he did not realize the extent of what he had done until later. Frankenstein wanted to want the ‘cure’ to death because he was so sad about his mother’s passing. I found this very endearing.

I was flipping the pages of the book for fun and I saw pictures of the play Frankenstein. One of the pictures was captioned “Frankenstein’s Bride”. I am curious to find out whether or not the creature will get a female counterpart now….

my face when I had to come to school today



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