Have you ever…

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Have you ever wanted or do want something so badly that you put everything else in your life on pause to pursue it? Perhaps you wanted to make your dream of becoming a singer, a dancer, a doctor, or a significant figure in the sciences come true. How badly do you want it? Is it worth pouring your heart and soul into?

I was watching a video online and it showed the performance of a music group performing their last stage. This music group was competing against another music group for an official debut under a famous music agency. Throughout the competition series, these two groups became as close as brothers. This video just showed how much the music group wanted to win and make their dreams of becoming singers come true. THe emotion and passion that they put into their stage blew me away. I have to admit that I shed some tears watching this video. You can see the pain that both groups felt because if one group wins that means the other group must leave.
After watching this video I thought to myself, “Do I want something as badly as they want their dreams to come true?”
Do I want something as badly as how Victor wanted to create a human being?



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