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…and then we stare into space not knowing what to do next

I recently received the novel, “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley in my English class. Even though the only thing I know about “Frankenstein” is the creature/monster itself, I am really excited about reading this novel. My teacher made a comment in class about how we as humans create things with good intentions but these things end up spurring disaster.
This got me thinking…have I ever done something like that?
I think all of us has once in our lifetimes done or created something with good intentions but it ended up as the total opposite of our expectations.
I am not perfect. There are times where I argue and talk back to my friends, family, and especially my parents. As a growing adult, I feel as though I need to stand up for my own beliefs, even if they do not correspond with the opinions of my parents. However, because I constantly argue with my parents, I have become an example of disobedience for my sister. Now that she is getting older in age, she is now arguing with me and talking back to me a lot. I have created my own “monster”. As her sister, I want her to grow up with great manners and to obey her elders and be respectful. My own actions have influenced her to be…well just like me sometimes. If only I had thought about what the consequences of my actions would be; I could have stopped my “monster” from being created.

Here is a song titled, “Monster” by the boyband Bigbang.  I just wanted to throw this in here…


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