In class recently, we were given out copies of Frankenstein. We would have to read up to chapter four by the time we come back to school after break. I’m excited to read Frankenstein, because I’ve heard of the story and main plot for a while now. It has influenced many other pieces and is still evident today, no doubt. In Once Upon a Time, for example, one episode demonstrated Frankenstein and their own twist to the story. Although I am not familiar with the original story, I do know the gist of it: mad scientist builds this ‘thing’ and names it Frankenstein. To his surprise and awe, Frankenstein works and lives. However, he (or I guess, ‘it’) is an evil creature. That’s pretty much all I know.

I’m going to begin reading the novel during break (which starts in just a few days! I am so excited for break… mostly because I am so sick of school right now.) Because it will be break, I will have the luxury of taking my time to read it and to consume each page carefully. I really hope I like the novel because let’s face it, most novels that are required to be read in school are quite boring (at least in my opinion!)


One thought on “Frankenstein

  1. This book reminded me of that one episode of Once Upon a Time too! Totally agree that most books we’ve read in school are not as interesting but fingers crossed!!! By the way, love your layout! 🙂

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