Innovation is Everywhere

While working with my friends on our innovation project, we stumbled across unplanned innovation. We met up that day, hoping to accomplish much for our project (a DIY blog focused on making arts and crafts, as well as toys). Instead of making the arts and crafts and typing up blog posts, we found ourselves hard at work, trying to repair a mailbox.

How did this happen? My friend thought he was cool and started riding a bike, but lost his balance. He reached out to the standing mailbox to break his fall, but ended up bringing the “Approved by the Postmaster General” mailbox down with him. Unable to simply place the mailbox back together because the weldings had broken off, all 5 of us headed off to Home Depot, where we sought advice from Tom from Hardware. (Yes, I remember his name.)

The rest of our time was spent fixing the mailbox. Long story short, we finally were able to have the mailbox securely attached back to its post after assistance from a neighbor.

Some may find this project session to have been wasted. But I thought it was great that we were able to have an authentic, unplanned real-life scenario to showcase our innovative skills!


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