Have you ever…

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Have you ever wanted or do want something so badly that you put everything else in your life on pause to pursue it? Perhaps you wanted to make your dream of becoming a singer, a dancer, a doctor, or a significant figure in the sciences come true. How badly do you want it? Is it worth pouring your heart and soul into?

I was watching a video online and it showed the performance of a music group performing their last stage. This music group was competing against another music group for an official debut under a famous music agency. Throughout the competition series, these two groups became as close as brothers. This video just showed how much the music group wanted to win and make their dreams of becoming singers come true. THe emotion and passion that they put into their stage blew me away. I have to admit that I shed some tears watching this video. You can see the pain that both groups felt because if one group wins that means the other group must leave.
After watching this video I thought to myself, “Do I want something as badly as they want their dreams to come true?”
Do I want something as badly as how Victor wanted to create a human being?



Hot Chocolate Fundraiser

I’m so glad it’s winter break! School is out for 2 weeks and now I can finally relax… for the most part. I am still assigned homework but it is definitely not as much as before. One of the events that I’ve been going to during break is my club’s annual Hot Chocolate Fundraiser. During this event, the Make-A-Wish club has baked goods and cups of hot chocolate. Passerbys who are admiring the Christmas lights in the “Christmas Tract” neighborhood are free to have a cup or baked goods. Everything is donation based. Everything raised goes towards granting a wish of a child with a life-threatening illness. Continue reading


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…and then we stare into space not knowing what to do next

I recently received the novel, “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley in my English class. Even though the only thing I know about “Frankenstein” is the creature/monster itself, I am really excited about reading this novel. My teacher made a comment in class about how we as humans create things with good intentions but these things end up spurring disaster.
This got me thinking…have I ever done something like that?
I think all of us has once in our lifetimes done or created something with good intentions but it ended up as the total opposite of our expectations.
I am not perfect. There are times where I argue and talk back to my friends, family, and especially my parents. As a growing adult, I feel as though I need to stand up for my own beliefs, even if they do not correspond with the opinions of my parents. However, because I constantly argue with my parents, I have become an example of disobedience for my sister. Now that she is getting older in age, she is now arguing with me and talking back to me a lot. I have created my own “monster”. As her sister, I want her to grow up with great manners and to obey her elders and be respectful. My own actions have influenced her to be…well just like me sometimes. If only I had thought about what the consequences of my actions would be; I could have stopped my “monster” from being created.

Here is a song titled, “Monster” by the boyband Bigbang.  I just wanted to throw this in here…


In class recently, we were given out copies of Frankenstein. We would have to read up to chapter four by the time we come back to school after break. I’m excited to read Frankenstein, because I’ve heard of the story and main plot for a while now. It has influenced many other pieces and is still evident today, no doubt. In Once Upon a Time, for example, one episode demonstrated Frankenstein and their own twist to the story. Continue reading

Innovation is Everywhere

While working with my friends on our innovation project, we stumbled across unplanned innovation. We met up that day, hoping to accomplish much for our project (a DIY blog focused on making arts and crafts, as well as toys). Instead of making the arts and crafts and typing up blog posts, we found ourselves hard at work, trying to repair a mailbox.

How did this happen? My friend thought he was cool and Continue reading

How awkward…

That awkward moment when everyone looks in different directions...

That awkward moment when everyone looks in different directions…

I’d like to say that all of us have at least one friend, family member, or someone who we truly appreciate and are thankful for. Personally, I have about a handful of people who I truly am grateful for. These people are the people who we go to for help, for a good laugh, for a set of ears, and many other valuable things.

How many of us have actually had a serious talk to these friends/family members about how much we appreciate them? Think about it… Would it not be a bit awkward having this type of conversation?

I have recently read and listened to an act in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In this scene, Hamlet has a conversation with his one and only friend, Horatio. Hamlet tells Horatio how much he appreciates and respects him and Horatio can’t help but feel a little awkward hearing all of that. Who wouldn’t feel awkward in that situation? No matter how close you are to someone, if they suddenly come up to you and say something along the lines of, “I want you to know that I really appreciate and am thankful for having you in my life,” out of the blue…you would definitely feel a little awkward. Let’s not forget that they are two grown men talking in a secluded area. There is nothing wrong with two grown men having a deep conversation but it definitely raises the awkward factor between them.

Even if these types of conversations are awkward, sometimes they must happen. In Hamlet’s case, he faces the possibility of losing his life for plotting to kill King Claudius and so he feels the need to have this conversation with Horatio as soon as possible. As my teacher said in class, “If you knew today was your last day, you would be so much more open.” I completely agree with his statement. Hamlet does not know if his plan will succeed and he does not know whether tomorrow will be his last day or not, and so he wants to be open with Horatio now.

After reading this scene, I couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like being in Hamlet’s shoes. I’d share all of my secrets and confess all of my wrongdoings. I’d have awkward conversations with all of my close friends and family members. I’d go to Disneyland and make dinner for my family. I’d buy gifts for all the people I care about. I would live my life to the very fullest. A famous quote keeps popping up in my mind… what was it again? Oh, that’s right!”Carpe diem.” Seize the day Hamlet; seize the day.