Dedication and Perserverance

I recently watched the movie Guru of Go and was just in admiration of Hank Gathers. Hank was a phenomenal basketball player and loved playing the sport. Unfortunately, he would later develop a heart condition that would limit his basketball ability. He was prescribed medication but when Hank discovered that they made him slow and sluggish, he resisted using them. Basketball was his life and he enjoyed playing it. I was in awe of how dedicated Hank was to the sport and how he strove to persevere.

Hank died on the basketball court, after scoring a point during an intense basketball game. When he had collapsed, trainers rushed to him and urged him to remain laying down. Hank replied that he did not want to lay down and attempted to get back up. Shortly after, he stopped breathing. In this sense, he had died doing what he loved- basketball.

Hank had died at the young age of 23 years old and while it is definitely heartbreaking, I definitely feel like he had accomplished a lot in his short life. Though I never met him or knew him until the movie, I couldn’t help but feel two emotions- sorrow because his life was tragically cut short, and awe because of all his accomplishments, and his dedication and perseverance to the sport.


You really don’t know how life will turn out but you should definitely live life to its fullest.

– Karen


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