October: A Scary Month for All


It’s mid- October. For kids, that means Halloween is almost here. Trick or treating for candy and dressing up is a fun time. And many houses are decorated with scary and horrific decorations that truly set the Halloween feeling. However, for seniors, it means that it is prime college application season. The whole college process can be a little overwhelming. I know I’ve spent countless hours researching colleges, checking on College Confidential threads, working on my personal statements, and calculating all of my service hours, among other college- related things. For both kids and seniors, October can be a scary time. 

Sometimes I’ll get really exhausted after staring at my computer screen, working on college applications. So I like to rewind and watch some cute and funny videos!

Recently, in class we were shown this video: 

Instead of having to go up and down the staircase, a piano-like keyboard over the stairs was installed, so that each step would play a certain note. At the end of the experiment, the conclusion was that many people prefer to have fun and add variety in their life. Isn’t that obvious?!

Anyway, I really enjoyed the video and thought it was really cute, so I went on youtube to find others like it. It turns out there are many similar ones but this one is one of my favorites: 

No matter how fast life seems to be going or how determined you are to get to a certain college, don’t forget to let go and to have some fun in your life!

– Karen


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