Some things just don’t have a reason

*picture is from*

*picture is from*

Have you ever wondered why that person gave you a dirty look or why that person murdered his or her own spouse or even why Iago wants to take revenge on Othello so badly?

I have constantly tried to look for reasons as to why some things just happen as they do.  Why did that girl look at me so strangely yesterday?  Why did the sky decide to cry the day I had a billion important books to carry.  Why does Iago want to destroy Othello?  Iago tries to conjure up reasons as to why he is taking revenge on Othello but all of his reasons are far from reasonable.

That’s it!  Some things just don’t have a reason behind them.  Maybe that girl who looked at me was just having a bad day and decided to turn her anger towards me.  Maybe that person who murdered his or her own spouse was just frustrated with his or her life and decided to end someone else’s life.

Sometimes people do things without any reason to do so.  Some perform altruistic deeds while others create destruction and sometimes end up on the news.  While everyone around then are trying to find a reason for their actions, they themselves don’t have a reason for doing what they did.

Well, at least that’s how eye see it.



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