“Let’s see how it turns out.”


My AP English class is different from most. My teacher allows us to work on college projects and essays in class, to do activities that are “Brain Fuel”, read novels, and to go on our phones or electronic devices to do something productive. Although we also do what we are expected to do as an English class, such as reading certain literature, the class is very open- ended. My teacher assigns us many projects to do. One of them is Idea Farming. Upon discussing the project, my teacher admitted that he did not know how it’ll turn out but that he is excited to see what’ll happen along the way.

At first, I was a little shocked. I am a person who dislikes surprises. I love knowing things that pertain to me, even if it may be horrible. As an example, today I took a quiz in my AP  government class. I know I did badly. But I want to know how badly.  I want to know what question I missed, why, and how I can avoid it in the future. I love knowing my grades, because it makes me feel like I’m in control.

That being said, it is currently college season now. I have thoroughly researched many colleges beforehand and feel prepared for what I will be going through next fall. In fact, I started looking into different colleges and universities as early as freshman year, when my sister was a senior. But as I was completing my college application, I’ve come to realize that I won’t really know how college is, unless I experience it. This may seem pretty obvious, but no matter how much reading or researching I do on the college, I will not be able to truly know the college if I don’t firsthand experience it. Sometimes, just like the Idea Farming project, you just have to see how things turn out. (That is, after you have thoroughly planned and thought about what to do!)

And that’s how eye see it.


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