Do It Yourself

A phrase often muttered by my siblings and myself is “Do it yourself”, usually with a bitter and annoyed tone.

Now, this phrase won’t be said with annoyance but with an excitement and maybe sometimes, a little weariness. For one of my Innovation projects, my friends and I are creating a blog that will have DIY toy tutorials, as well as arts and crafts things. Our goal is to cater the projects to kids between the ages of 6 to 12 years old. Continue reading


It’s more than just me

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Why won’t they notice me? Why don’t they look at my accomplishments and not at my flaws? Why don’t they understand? Do these thoughts sounds familiar?
Lately, these thoughts have been running around in my head a lot.
It is my senior year in high school. Unlike what some people may think, I have been working harder this year then my freshmen, sophomore, and junior year.
I am not at the top of my class, nor have I won any outstanding awards. My overall gpa is only slightly above average, my SAT scores are not praise worthy and I do not have any special talents. I am an average girl trying to reach the highest heights.
You might think it is because of college applications, or something school related. The main reason why I am trying so much to succeed this year is because of two people. The two people who gave me life.
I want them to be able to stand in front of their friends or relatives and say with confidence that I am their daughter. I want them to be able to do what other parents are able to do; to say that their child graduated with a white gown or that their child got accepted with a full ride to a top ranked university. I want them to know that their daughter is trying her very best to succeed, to make them happy, to make them proud. I want them to know that I am doing so much not only for myself but for them also. I want them to notice when I receive a worthy grade on a test or project and when I do something notable outside of school. I don’t want them to focus on the fact that I don’t do the dishes everyday, or that my desk is a mess, or that I don’t help out around the house as much as I can. I don’t want them to say that I am a lazy bum who cares about no one but myself. I don’t want them to say that whatever I do won’t matter because no UC will accept me. I don’t want them to say that I am doing useless things that will take me no where in life… Is that too much to ask for…?
Maybe it is…
Last year a family member of mine had decided to try to severley hurt herself. It was completely unexpected and heartbreaking. No one knew why she did it or what she was going through. Things are much better now but my parents spend most of their time caring for and worrying about this family member. I sound like a heartless selfish beast for saying this but…I also want attention too. I know that they are worried about her and that is why they always side with her and try to make her pleased but… I am here too. For the small things I do such as waking up earlier than usual every morning just to say “bye” or remembering the little details such as their favorite chocolate or songs, I am not asking for absolute praise or worship. I do not do these things because I want something. I do these things because I care and love them. Yet… they give all their attention away to someone else and I feel as though almost everything I do isn’t important enough.
As I read Othello in class, I could not help but have pity for Roderigo. He spends so much time and money for a woman who will never love him back or show him any sign of affection. I couldn’t help but see the similarities in both of our situations. He is doing everything he can to get the attention of the woman and all he really wants is some sign that tells him she notices him and give him a little hope. I do everything I can because I want them to be proud of me and happy and to show me that they notice all the things that I do.
We as humans strive to receive attention from others, whether it be from our lover, our friends, our family, or even complete strangers. When we feel as though we are not getting the attention we belive we deserve then we can become desperate for that attention which can ultimately make us face horrible consequences…just take a look at Roderigo.
Well, at least that’s how eye see it.


What’s your reason?

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Incentives. What are they? Incentives are what drive people to do what they do. If I told you to go run 15 miles would you do it? Probably not, but if I told you I will give you $1,000,000 if you did then would you run 15 miles? You probably will…why? You now have an incentive to throw your body into an extreme state of excessive exhaustion and sweat buckets. Who wouldn’t run 15 miles for $1,000,000? My point is that we as humans will only do something if we can gain something from it; if we have an incentive. Everyone is always trying to maximize their utility. Will a student participate in class and do his or her homework just for the heck of it? No of course not! He or she will do it because it makes him or her feel accomplished, feel involved, or because he or she receives a grade for the work done.
Well, at least that’s how eye see it.


The Constant Juggle


I don’t know how Iago manages to juggle all of his evil doings, but it’s hard for me to juggle college applications, school work, club work, and home stuff. I am infinitely grateful for the resources that I use, such as my teachers, my board members, and family, who help me along with my tasks. But Continue reading

“Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t turn out – take another shot.” -unknown

Then at the end of each day...jump for joy because you just got one step closer to reaching your goal. (photo is of my friends and I at the beach)

Then at the end of each day…jump for joy because you just got one step closer to reaching your goal. (photo is of my friends and I at the beach)

After changing my facebook profile picture I decided that something was missing from my photo. I decided to add a deep and meaningful quote like all the hip teenagers do nowadays. With my only purpose of finding a nice quote to accompany my new profile picture, I actually came across a quote that I think is very inspirational and worthwhile to read. “Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t turn out – take another shot.” Life never turns out the way one wants it to turn out. Oh! Your having a nice hair day? Too bad because the sky just decided it wants to rain today. Spent all night on that homework assignment? Too bad your baby sister loves coloring. Scared your innovation project won’t be successful or that no one will like your project or that there will be many obstacles in creating your project? DON”T BE! This is advice for everyone out there and for myself. Like the quote says, capture the good times and develop from the negatives. Keep all the good parts of your project and learn from the mistakes you may make. Now the good parts are not necessarily the successes of the project. It means the journey. Enjoy the process of creating the project because that is what will make the whole project worthwhile. If the whole project does not turn out the way you want it… then take another shot and start over. As if you were a camera, take photos of your journey while doing this project and create wonderful memories. If you put in all of your effort and all of your passion towards something then things will turn out just fine and maybe even great.

Well, at least that’s how eye see it.

October: A Scary Month for All


It’s mid- October. For kids, that means Halloween is almost here. Trick or treating for candy and dressing up is a fun time. And many houses are decorated with scary and horrific decorations that truly set the Halloween feeling. However, for seniors, it means that it is prime college application season. The whole college process can be a little overwhelming. I know I’ve spent countless hours researching colleges, checking on College Confidential threads, working on my personal statements, and calculating all of my service hours, among other college- related things. For both kids and seniors, October can be a scary time.  Continue reading

Some things just don’t have a reason

*picture is from*

*picture is from*

Have you ever wondered why that person gave you a dirty look or why that person murdered his or her own spouse or even why Iago wants to take revenge on Othello so badly?

I have constantly tried to look for reasons as to why some things just happen as they do.  Why did that girl look at me so strangely yesterday?  Why did the sky decide to cry the day I had a billion important books to carry.  Why does Iago want to destroy Othello?  Iago tries to conjure up reasons as to why he is taking revenge on Othello but all of his reasons are far from reasonable.

That’s it!  Some things just don’t have a reason behind them.  Maybe that girl who looked at me was just having a bad day and decided to turn her anger towards me.  Maybe that person who murdered his or her own spouse was just frustrated with his or her life and decided to end someone else’s life.

Sometimes people do things without any reason to do so.  Some perform altruistic deeds while others create destruction and sometimes end up on the news.  While everyone around then are trying to find a reason for their actions, they themselves don’t have a reason for doing what they did.

Well, at least that’s how eye see it.