Life’s Introduction


Just the other day in class, my English teacher was giving us an introduction to Shakespeare’s play Othello. As he was telling us about Roderigo and Iago and the general plot line, I thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if everything in life had a thorough introduction, so you would know what you were getting into?” Often times in life, we don’t know fully what to expect. Sure, we always have some idea, similar to a book flap that gives you just enough to entice you to read the entire novel. Or the club rush flyer that is frantically shoved in your hand by overeager board members. Or even the fancy college brochures that fills your mailbox on a regular basis. But how cool would it be to be able to know the characters well enough to see if you’ll enjoy the book, to see if the club will really be proactive and fun, or if the college even matches with your personality and interests before you make a decision? Maybe being surprised and finding out along the way is part of what makes life so interesting. But for me, personally, I dislike surprises and love knowing things.

But, while we are on the topic of introductions… I would like to formally introduce this blog! This blog will be where Vananh and I will jot down our thoughts, our concerns, and our interpretations of things that occur in our lives. We’ll be trying to put our own twist and add our opinions into our posts as well.

Thank you for reading our blog!

– Karen


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