Homecoming…why so special?

If i asked someone, “What are the three most important events in a student’s high school career?”, would one of his or her answers be “homecoming.”? Homecoming would definitely be one of my answers. Why is homecoming so special? The reasons can range from being because homecoming equals party til’ 12 in the morning or because it’s an event special to high schoolers. To me, homecoming is so special because it is a great way to produce lasting and wonderful memories with the ones whom are very special to me.
The whole process of making homecoming come true is a main reason why homecoming is so special. The planning of where to take pictures and where to eat dinner and where to get ready can be stressful and tiring but it brings friends and sometimes strangers together. Taking beautiful pictures creates long-lasting memories and enjoying a delicious dinner with close friends is priceless (well besides the bill). As if all of this was not special enough, everyone also gets to dance the night away. This is why homecoming is so special.
Well…at least that’s how eye see it.



Life’s Introduction


Just the other day in class, my English teacher was giving us an introduction to Shakespeare’s play Othello. As he was telling us about Roderigo and Iago and the general plot line, I thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if everything in life had a thorough introduction, so you would know what you were getting into?” Often times in life, we don’t know fully what to expect. Sure, we always have some idea, similar to a book flap that gives you just enough to entice you to read the entire novel. Or the club rush flyer that is frantically shoved in your hand by overeager board members. Continue reading